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We hope to inspire you with your next project with our quality quilt fabrics and quilting kits.

We are your one stop shop for Pre-cut Kaleidoscope Kits.
All the hard work has been done for you ~ you just start sewing!!

We have always had a ‘love’ for Kaleidoscope Quilting, there is just something about the true pleasure and surprise of sewing up each block and seeing it blossom right before your eyes.  With our cutting technique, no two blocks are likely to ever have have the same design when sewn together.

Here are Kaleidoscope Quitling, we take top quality fabrics and carefully and meticulously hand cut identical repeats to make these Kaleidoscope Kits (aka Stack N Whack ). Each block will have 8 identical repeat wedges and 4 outside corner stones to make the block.  If you have never tried Kaleidoscope Quilting, we urge you to give it a try, you will be amazed at how fun these are and how each block can be so different even though it is cut from the same fabric.

We have cut hundreds of thousands of these blocks, again all by hand, we have it down to a science, however, for the everyday quilter, it can be  quite time consuming and takes yards of fabric for just one cutting, that is why our customers love our pre-cut kits, you don’t have to purchase yards and yards of fabric, or meticulously align and cut through 8 layers of fabric, we have done it all for you!!

We do have many customers that find it very painful, or impossible for them to do this cutting (due to arthritis, MS or other ailments), so they come to us for their pre-cut kits.

We offer numerous different designs, which can change daily or weekly, most kits we offer are limited to stock on hand, as you know in the quilting world, a fabric can be out of print after just one run, so we may not always be able to re-order and offer more kits of the same design, so if you see something you like, don’t wait, snatch it up or it may be gone next time you check.

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