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Kaleidoscope Quilt Pattern Downloads


FREE Printable Downloads

Here you will find our FREE printable PDF Patterns for use with our Pre-Cut Kaleidoscope Kits.

If you already have some of our Kaleidoscope Block Kits and you need some ideas on how to make them into a finished project, wether it be a table runner, mini quilt or large quilt, take a look below and just match up the size blocks you have with our patterns.  For example, if you have our 10″ Kaleidoscope Blocks, just browse through our patterns for use with our 10″ blocks, or if you have our 7″ block kits, browse through our patterns that use our 7″ blocks.

So if you have a pack of our 12 – 10″ Blocks are you need to finish them into some projects, you can also mix & match, you could make the quilt that uses only 6 of the blocks, then make up 2 table runners that only use 3 blocks each – the possibilities are endless!!  Just have fun…

You may also browse through our project patterns, find the project you would like to make print out the pattern, then find the size blocks & fabrics needed to make the project and then purchase blocks in that size and your all set to go.

Please do check back often as we will be adding more patterns from time to time.

** Please note, when you print out our patterns, you will notice most of them say to follow the directions on the reverse side to construct your Kaleidoscope Blocks, the directions will not print on the reverse but you can find the directions to construct your blocks near the bottom of this page, as well at block layout charts and tips & tricks.

Patterns for 7″ Blocks

bm packed 4-7
12 - 7 Mock Up .
LL Sampler 1
fly by night binding
night blooms krossed final
Unicorn 12.7 Finished
Fived Quilt Pattern
fly by night binding

Patterns for 6″ Blocks

flags table runner 2
Moxie Half Kaleidoscope Quilt
3-6 Runner BM Florals
americana table runner pattern

Patterns for 5″ Blocks

12-5 Scattered Felicity

Block Construction Directions / Block Layout Charts / Tips

kaleidoscope quilt block directions
kal quilt block chart

Other Kaleidoscope Quilt Designs

Selfie Cats
noble pinwheel complete
kal quilt block chart

Other Kaleidoscope Quilt Designs

lillies pinwheel 4
hf 13 pinwheel final
kal quilt block chart
Selfie Cats

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