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The quality of the fabrics is wonderful. The kaleidoscope kits are out of this world, so easy to put together and they turn out amazing! I’ve loved them from my very first order. I have recieved many kits from Lori, every one unique and every one special. I’ve given the quilts as gifts and used them for fundraisers. They are always well recieved. People love them! I also used a kit as a secret Santa gift at my quilt guild, it was the hit of the evening. The lady that got it has ordered many more kits! Bottom line – try it, you’ll love it!

Scott G

August 2019

Highly recommended! Awesome kaleidoscopes!


September 2019

Very happy with this fabric and the pre-cut. It’s nice to have someone out there who’s doing all the cutting 🙂

Sherri D

October 2019

I just love being able to order fabric and kits from my living room, After losing my husband I have reverted back to sewing just what I want to and I have found this Site and I am so happy.

October 2019

Have already laid out the triangles and can’t wait to sew them together. Going to help so much with explaining the process to some newbies. Thanks.

May 2019

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