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Painted Lady Bug Rocks – Swirled Red/Orange/Yellow



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Painted Lady Bug Rocks – Swirled Colors as shown

Cute, cuddly, and just irresistible! Get your hands on our exclusive Hand Painted Ladybug Rock, the perfect addition to anyone’s collection, child or adult. These unique rocks serve as an ideal one-of-a-kind gift for Mother’s Day, birthdays, or any day that needs a dash of cheerful color. Born from 100% organic rocks sourced from
local waterways, each rock radiates love and charm enough to bring a smile on anyone’s face. A thoughtful gift from parent to child, friend to friend, or for that special coworker.

✔ Crafted out of locally sourced, 100% organic rocks, you’ll love its
all-natural authenticity.
✔ Hand-painted in a combination of swirled colors of Red, Orange, Yellow and White, with
delightful black spots.
✔ A fun size of approximately 3×3″ makes it a playful addition to any space.
✔ Each rock comes packaged in a cute little bag, ready to be gifted.
✔ Says ‘Lori Rocks’ on the back of the rock.

This is for 1 (one) Swirled Ladybug Rock as shown in image. Photo may show a slight shadow or light reflection on ladybugs, but those ‘spots’ are not on the finished bug they are just light reflections while photographing.

Thank you and be sure to check out all of our other hand painted rocks.

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