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Scarlet Poinsettia *Bundle* Pre-Cut Kaleidoscope Kit



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This fabric is from Michael Miller Fabrics and is so stunning and the red tonal accent fabric makes these quilt blocks so beautiful.

This is a ​​Pre-Cut Quilt Kit, we have done all the hard work for you by precutting the pieces precise and by hand, so all you have to do is start sewing.

This bundle includes pre-cut blocks that assemble into 12 – 10″ stunning Scarlet Poinsettia Christmas Floral Kaleidoscope Blocks with red tonal cornerstones, complemented by 2 yards of matching fabric: one yard of the Scarlet Poinsettia Christmas Florals and one yard of the Red Tonal fabric as displayed. Instructions for sewing your pre-cut blocks are accessible in our FREE Pattern Library, offering various project options for your completed blocks. Alternatively, incorporate the blocks into your own designs, such as quilts, purses, table runners, placemats, and more—the creative possibilities are limitless.

Our Pre-Cut Quilt Kit simplifies your work; we’ve precisely hand-cut the pieces, so you can begin sewing immediately.

Quick & Easy
Ideal for gifting
Enjoyably simple
Saves time
Includes all essentials to start

Watch the blocks bloom uniquely before your eyes
These blocks resemble the Stack & Whack / One Block Wonder technique, but without the need for cutting, allowing you to dive straight into sewing.

Each Kaleidoscope block is pre-cut and comes with 8 wedges and 4 cornerstones in the showcased fabric, ensuring a variety of unique designs. Please note that the image displays the blocks arranged with the 8 wedges and 4 corners. Each block will sew up uniquely, so while your design won’t be an exact match to the image, it will be equally enchanting. These blocks are not fussy cut, so some words or images may be incomplete or divided.

They’re striking to behold and simple to create—they only appear complex. Rest assured, they’re straightforward!

We appreciate your interest and invite you to explore our diverse range of Kaleidoscope Kits.

Pre Cut Quilt Blocks
Fast & Easy – You just start sewing
Each block has a different design
‘Sew’ Fun

Once you have your blocks, or right now, just visit our Pattern Download page, you have full FREE access to our full pattern library, so just choose what project you would like to complete with these 10″ Blocks, and you are ready to go!!

Each block sews up differently so yours will not be the exact design as shown, – but close and just as beautiful!!
These blocks are not fussy cut, which means any words or images may not be full, they may be cut in half etc.

** If we have any of the matching fabric available, you will find it here.

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