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Painted Lady Bug Rocks – St. Patrick’s Green (S)


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Painted Lady Bug Rocks

These painted Lady Bug rocks are found right from local (to me, New York) water areas such as lakes, ponds, creeks etc.

We collect the rocks, wash them, base coat them, paint them and then topcoat with a coat of resin or liquid glass for a beautiful finish. The back of the rocks says ‘Lori Rocks’

Completely Hand Painted and are one of a kind 🙂

This is for 1 (one) St. Patrick’s Day theme Ladybug Rocks as shown in image with Silver 4 leafed clovers as antennas. Photo may show a slight shadow or light reflection on ladybugs as the finish is very shiny, but those ‘spots’ are not on the finished bug.

These ladybug rocks as shown rocks measure approximately 3″x3″ and is so beautiful and fun.

Makes a great gift or to give or keep for yourself 🙂

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